Hi all,

My name is Bob and I moved to New Mexico 18 months ago as a life long resident of California. I live 6 miles north of the Mexico border in a residential airpark called 1st Aero Squadron Airpark. If I decide to get into off-road adventures I would like to be part of the social aspect too. Over the years I’ve kept my 2001 Ford diesel 4X4 Excursion because nobody even makes such a capable (heavy towing) SUV anymore. It would handle a 35′ Toy Hauler trailer just fine.

I’ve never owned an ATV, UTV or quad but did have an old Meyers Manx street legal dune buggy. Had a lot of fun at Pismo, Coos Bay and Glamis. What I’m looking for is a very versatile and capable ride that can do backcountry and dunes. I’m leaning towards the 2018 RZR with active suspension.

Any thoughts on my choice and the social aspect of group outings?


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