Hi all,

The wife and I bought a 2017 1000XP LE Gold yesterday and look I forward to learning from all of you and hopefully even enjoys some meet ups for rides in the future. This is our second UTV, the first being a Can Am. Last year on a trip to Moab I decided to switch to a RZR when it became obvious that we were working harder than the folks on RZR’s. Well we finally took the plunge.

We’re heading to the desert Monday for some riding with friends so I have got to get busy diving into the forums to start learning. At the top of my list is tie down techniques to transport this thing in our Toy Hauler, and then probably on to learning suspension setups. I might be dreaming, but I’d like to set this up so my wife enjoys a “Being on a cloud” sort of ride. That’s clearly the goal and if this thing doesn’t ride noticeably better than the Can Am that was costing us little to nothing at this point I’ll never hear the end of it. I’m hoping the magic settings to start out with are shared here.


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