Hello guys,, I read and read on here before going shopping. I didn’t buy new tho. I have a 14 yr old and me n the wife. I got the silver one locally, and did a 1300 mi drive round trip for the red one. I wanted ones that already had some of the add on’s. Crap is expensive!!!! Lol. Here they are

The silver one is an 09,, and the red one is a 13. Both 800s.

I am looking at the heat shield for the bed right now. Utv inc??

The 09 has a epi clutch kit and sounds like a knock that goes away with throttle. If I pull the cover will I see the weights rattling if that’s the problem? Will replacing the weights fix it,, or is there a fix? I’ve read n read and it seems there’s not been a fix posted. I’d be willing to go back to stock if need be.

That 09 squeaks bad too,, gotta do some bushings huh?

I’m hoping to schedule some time to check the pinion nuts on them as well.

Those 29.5″ tires on the 13 are CRAZY at slow speeds. Not sure if the clutch slips at low rpm or it’s just bouncing.

Anyway,, good to be here!!!

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