Very happy to be joining this forum and learning a lot about the Polaris RZR. I’m a newbie when it comes to offloading and in fact have ordered my RZR and it doesn’t arrive for another two weeks. Looking forward to learning more from all the knowledgeable folks here.

Ordered a new 2017 RZR 4 900 EPS with a bunch of extras like Ride Command, etc. (didn’t go 1000 as I wanted 60″ width to get into some tighter trails in my area)

My next quest will be finding the right cargo trailer to haul it in (need a enclosed trailer as I plan to use it year round and winter hauling with salt/slush/snow on the highways will be a nightmare if in an open trailer)

Anyway….looking forward to being a member of the forum up here in Canada, EH!

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