New to this forum. I have a teryx 4 for the family and just picked up a 08 800 for a steal (1000) with a thrown rod. Just rebuilt the motor and got my break in miles done. Has a CST +3 kit with WE shocks 1.5 in wheel spacers and 29’s off a1k. Sitting at what I feel is a more stable 60 inches now. Manufactured 6-1-08 so I’m trying to figure out if the pinion nut needs to be done the diff sticker is missing so I might just take it apart to check it out. If anyone has aftermarket goodies sitting around from an old machine please pm me and let me know. Really need doors and a roof, wouldn’t mind doing a power steering conversion. If there is anything else I should do please let me know I have wrenched my whole life so I’m comfortable with just about any project. Thanks in advance for your help and time.

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