First of all I don’t have a RZR, I have a Ranger Crew 900. I joined as the Ranger forums have fewer sand and desert users and that is my favorite driving.

Starting with three wheelers in 1972 and sand at Pismo in 1980, back when we could ride from Devil’s slide to the main entrance!. Took a 20 year break until 2006 when I got a Bombardier DS650 and started doing sand trips with the family.

Got my Ranger Crew in 2014 as I was looking for something more like the VW buggies we had as kids and could haul my family. I have 4 kids at home still so needed more seats than a RZR…

So far with the Ranger been to St. Anthony’s a couple of times, the Rally in the Pines and living in Oregon a lot of trips to the Oregon Dunes and the Oregon forests.

Looking to do the Arizona Peace trail next winter. Kids want to go back to Glamis too, would love to do a run from the Beach Store to the Duner’s Dinner in the Ranger.

Probably know a few of you from other sites…

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