My name is Austin and I’m from Wisconsin. My wife and I are fairly new to the Polaris RZR family. We have only owned a RZR for a tad over 1 year but its been one of the best years of riding that we’ve had. Before buying a RZR, we were loyal Yamaha sport ATV riders/racers. I always said that I would never buy a Polaris because of their belt drive system (I only rode manual trans machines). That opinion changed forever back in early 2015 when I saw the updated body style of the 900 trail at my Polaris dealer. I never cared for the old body style so never gave UTV’s the time of day. A few months later, my dealer let my wife and I demo a 2015 900S and we fell in love with it. Our only problem with it was that once it hit 60mph, it fell on its face and the stock seat belts cut into our necks so they had to go. Other than that, we loved it.

Fast forward just about 2 years later and we bought a used 2016 1000S from our dealer. We had that most of 2017 and put 2,200 miles on it in 6 months. Then Polaris dropped the price on the XP Turbo from $24,999 to $19,999 and we said “time to trade in” so we did. We got just enough hours on the Turbo before winter to take it in to the dealer for its initial maintenance service. Now we are just waiting for the trails to open in spring so we can see what the 168hp is all about cause of course we broke it in the way the manual recommends so we didn’t get to open it up and see what 168hp is like compared to the 100hp our other RZR had.

(The picture I uploaded is a promotional picture from Polaris of the XP Turbo, not a picture of us)

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