Been lurking here for years finally a rzr owner. I’m Shawn I live in the foothills outside of Sacramento. I’ve been a wildcat 1000x owner for about 3 years now. I love every thing about it except it spends to much time on the end of a rope behind a rzr. So the wife wanted a rzr and a 4 seater and with the deals on 16 turbos I could not pass it up. I’m keeping the cat for trail/rock crawling and beating on with my friends.ill save the rzr for family trips.and my wife rzr to save me when I’m broke down Both mine and my wife’s parents spend winters in Yuma. We will be spending some time in Yuma & glamis I think that is where this thing will shine. I only have 37 miles on it only 25 with me driving. The little bit I got to hit the gas the wow factor is there:ride: I can’t wait to get this thing broke in. And really see what she has.
It is tore apart in the shop right now. I’m disabled a c/6 quad got the hand controls in quick working on getting a seat in,space out the steering wheel,and get harnesses in( last ride we had to wrap tiedowns me to hold me up lol) I will be posting somethings up on my build in the disabled area.
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