Newbie here. Been looking for an active forum for Polaris UTV owners…
A little background… Retired in 99. From New Jersey (left in 2013 for good), home is in SE Florida, but we LIVE in The Black Hills of SD. Started visiting by going to Sturgis about 12 years ago on the Harleys. Travelled most of the Rockys and ended up in The Hills on many trips. Bought a RV, again liked the Black Hills best. Finally pulled the trigger on a couple acres outside Rapid City in Jan of 17… Spent most of the summer of ’17 putting a new home on it, rebuilding the barn etc. In October I bought an old 325 Polaris ATV to use around the grounds. Well, the wife liked it, so I told her I’d get her something with a roll bar so I’d feel better about it. I never got comfortable on the damn thing (the ATV), and I can drive or ride anything. So I got a deal on an ACE for her. Took a couple rides with a neighbor who has been riding ATV’s since the 3 wheelers.. Third trip, I’m still not comfortable on the ATV, wife is having a blast in the ACE. Well we were heading down a steep road and I lost it.. Breaking the first bone in my 67 years, my left wrist, two steel plates, 12 screws ugh… It’s now 5 months later, 75% range of motion, 65% of the strength back… Sold that ATV the next day, and found another ACE. So here we are very excited about the coming summer and doing some off road exploring!
So sitting out there we have waiting a Jeep TJ, and a matching pair of ACE 570’s… We’ll be there in early May.
So that’s me… Dumb questions forthcoming….

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