Greetings everyone!

We are very excited to be on the forum, and very excited to be entering the world of SXSs. We’ve been selling heavy duty parts to the full-sized vehicle crowd for over 12 years. Everything from simple shackles, hangers, perches, to 3 & 4 link kits, misc tabs, gussets and a wide variety of other parts like fabricated housings, 3/8″ thick diff covers for damn near every axle anyone wheels, and disc brake kits to bring older 1 ton axles into the modern age.

We couldn’t help but to notice that the RZRs have become huge… So naturally, we had to go get one!

Our founder and fearless leader, Dan, has been very close personal friends with Shannon Campbell, along with the rest of their racing family for many a moon. Shannon and his two kids Wayland, and Bailey all entered in the UTV class for KOH last year running XP1000s with their own suspension design, largely modeled after Shannon’s ‘Dragonslayer’ 4400 class KOH car.

To make a long story short, their designs freaking worked! Shannon took 1st place, with son Wayland finishing 2nd!

By now you are wondering why I’m rambling on about all this… Well we have partnered to the Campbells to put their designs for the XP1000 into production so that YOU can have KOH-winning suspension on your RZR!

This is just the start of our venture into the SXS world, check out our website, and our page in the vendor’s section to see more about what we have, and we are always open to suggestions for new ideas!

Utah RZR Rentals