Just purchased a new 2017 XP 1000 Trail and Rock and will be picking it up in a couple weeks. I live in St. George, Utah and also have a home in Midway, Utah so I can ride all year in nice weather. I also own two 2016 CanAm Commander XT 1000’s and the friends I ride with are calling me a trader for buying the RZR.
I love the CanAm’s but wanted something a bit more adventurous and liked the XP1000 better than a new Maverick…so here I am.
I will be selling the CanAms to offset the cost of the RZR. Don’t have enough parking for 3 machines.
I am hoping to learn from everyone here about the Polaris do’s, don’ts, and how to’s.

Thx for any input you can help me with.

Utah RZR Rentals