I have had a side by side Kaw. 3010 owner in the past and worked on the 2005 used and abused Mule I bought for 2500 and had to replace a lot of stuff on it. I did get it running after putting on an aftermarket fuel pump and overhauled the little two barrel carb and replaced the storage trunk that had been pop riveted on with all the hardware and hinges missing and replaced the buggered up aftermarket wheels and swamp tires with original pull off tires and wheels, replaced the br4ake cylinders, but the fuel tank was full of rust, I sold it not running with telling the new owner all about it. Now I have found a local 2013 Polaris RAZR 800S for sale for $8500. It looks to be in good shape, good tires, nice alloy wheels and fancy paint scheme, interior not bad it has 130 hours on it. What should I look for before writing the check? .
Any help will ne appreciated and Thanks for reading my tale of Kaw Mule woes!
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