Glad to be part of the Razor riding community. My wife and I have been into this sport since introduced in the early 90’s. It first started with a sandune trip riding both a three wheeler and a honda 250 4 wheeler. From that, it progressed just weeks later with 1 atv then both my wife and I had one. Being close to the sand dunes and being previously a snow skier, I just loved the big action sandune riding as it was even more thrilling than on two skiis. We grew out of that as we began going to Utah and riding the great trail systems they have to offer,(not like California) not over regulated and just a world of difference when it comes to terrain and topographical relief and scenery to boot.
Since 2012 we got into Riding a Polaris Razor 800 S and now we are spoiled with the way the 100 XP rides and are awaiting a new Rock and Trails edition to get outfitted with.
From time to time I will try to contribute feedback to get additional info to share with like minded riders of this great sport.
below are photos of our present 2013 800 S which we are in the process of parting with to welcome our new 1000 into our Razor barn. It is set up for Utah trail type riding and has many xtras as you can see some of.

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