Hey all,

I’m new to the CVT world. I’m coming from a YXZ three pedal with cam, pipe, air box, tune, 45/15 trans and 30″ tensors. My family/riding group is going to Moab in a week so Friday I sold the yxz and picked up a base 4 seat turbo and put pro armor wheels and 32″ rock crawlers on it. I’m thinking of ordering the Hess 4×4 override and maybe a skid plate anything else I need to get before the trip? Just FYI my group consists of my cousin and brother in law are in yxz’s with the 45/15 transmissions and my dad in a brand new X3 turbo r on 32″ rockcrawlers and possibly an evo tune and pipe/intake if it comes before we leave. Any advice would be appreciated.

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