Trails east of Lee creek are being opened , the Buckhorn OHV trail riders group had a good days trail maintenance this past saturday opening up a critical path from the 220 trailhead crossing Lee creek then traveling east along the creek bed to the point it heads into the forest towards the East outer loop, north trail.A workable trail now exists to travel from the 220 trailhead to the Freedom Road trailhead. best to use the MVUM to stay on legal trails as all routes are not marked yet. A word of caution to riders I can not express how important it is that all riders only cross the creeks in designated crossings , not to drive the buggys up and down in the water and definitely don’t wash your machine in the streams. We are working hard to get creek crossings opened back up and water features a part of the trail system, Please spread the word for us as misuse of the water features is the quickest way for us to loose trails. We “the Buckhorn OHV trail riders group” have partnered with the “rzrback riders” and the Boston Mountain National Forest Rangers District in keeping our riding area clean and maintained . Thanks to those riders who “pack out more than they pack in”. Check out our Facebook page for details.

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