Hey guys I have a Muzzys gauge pod that I believe fits the wildcats. I bought the package just for the gauges since the pod won’t fit my (curse word) rzr.
I don’t have any feedback on here but I can list this on ebay if that would make you feel better. The clamp measures 1.25 and it will accept three 2″ gauges. This has had gauges mounted but has never been installed onto a machine. I will try and post pictures via photobucket, hopefully it works. My ebay user is “5-keepers”, located in Central Ohio and can be picked up if local. I have no idea what it’s worth but I would guess $75 free shipping to lower 48. I am paypal verified and I can text you more pictures if need be or you can give me a call too. Just PM me for my phone number. I’m no expert on Wildcats just going on what the guy I got it from told me. All screws are included that are not shown in picture.
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