Well we are from Minnesota. We BETTER know something about plows up here!

When we first brought our DENALI plows to market around 2010, we brought up an industry contact who had designed some of the existing UTV plows in the market. He knew some of the weak points, and helped us figure out how to maximize impact resistance to upwards of 7-10 mph versus the existing 5 mph or so.

Available in Standard and PRO models, we now sell several thousand each year and are grateful for all your feedback and support.

For maximum usage, add our premium hydro-turn unit to turn side to side as well as our military-grade VIPER winch to lift and lower the plow. And if you want to go hog wild, tack on one of our FIRESTORM heaters so you can sit in your cab in a t-shirt and shorts and LET IT SNOW……

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