First off, I am not affiliated with Motoalliance. I am just a big fan lol.
I recently was able to get a KILLER deal on a Evolution Bumper/Viper winch combo on Ebay. The winch included was their new 6000lb Viper Max. It is a VERY beefy setup lol. The bumper does stick out quiet a ways from the front tires. I have an open floor plan toy hauler so the extra in front was no big deal. Still, it is something to be aware of.

The install on the bumper was VERY straight forward. It is a VERY VERY solid design. After mounting it up and lining everything up right we snugged the bolts down. There is NO movement AT ALL!! I did remove the factory plastic radiator grill the make it easier to access the center mounting bolts. You do not have to but it made the job much easier. The ONLY thing I feel we could have done different was the covers for the lower light locations. The instructions say NOT to install the covers IF you plan on adding lights. Well, I plan to install lights but not for a while so I put the covers in. The covers have a stud attached that help nut them down into place. I should have put the stud and nut on the bottom and not the top. Once you mount the top part of the bumper to the lower, there is no room to get the nut off the stud…. You do have enough room to get in there with wrenches and such. So learn from my mistake. I am just going to get a heavy pair of cutters and see if I can cut the stud off when I am ready to put lights in the lower locations.

The winch is very heavy duty. Now, I do not have another winch to compare to but this seems to be a very well built winch. It mounted into the bumper no problem at all. The ONLY issue I ran into was the fairlead mounting. The bolts that were included with bumper were not long enough to go through the fairlead, mounting plate, AND the bumper housing. The bolts included with the winch were not long enough either. I ended up mounting the fairlead to the bumper directly. I contacted MotoAlliance about the issue. They were VERY quick to respond. They were willing to send the correct hardware but I told them that I feel mounting the fairlead directly to the bumper was just fine for me. The mounting plate I feel is more for looks.

The wiring… well that is another story lol. The wiring kit that comes with the winch is really designed for a two seater. I had to add some extensions to make the length I needed to get back to the battery. I unfortunately did not get any pics of the wiring. I mounted the contactor under the dash area to keep it dry as possible. There is a tab coming off the factory bracing that almost looks as if it was made for the contactor lol. I used the red and black to run from the winch to the contactor and the blue and yellow to run to the battery. The instructions say to run it opposite of how I have it. Both sets of cables look to be same gauge and strand count so I felt comfortable using it this way. I then ran the wiring to the switch as per the instructions. I mounted the switch on the right side of the dash using the template cutouts that Polaris provided. I drilled a hole on the left side of the dash in a lower location for the wired remote hook up. I will get pics of that as soon as I can.

The winch that I got also included 65′ of synthetic rope. I chose black/gray color. Man…. 65′ is A LOT of rope lol. I followed the winch instructions and unwound the entire roll so that I could install the stopper and rewind it with the proper tension.

I have not had to use it yet but I am sure it will perform great!

Overall impression: VERY impressed with everything. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. The quality is awesome!!

Here are some pics. Any questions feel free to ask.


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