Went to Nemo, South Dakota today to ride.

We pull into Nemo Mercantile and the owner immediately comes running out asking if im looking for a place to park and when i said yes i was i got “well its not here…F**k no”

I asked if he was open and he said no. I offered to pay for parking and he said “nope i dont wanna get that started im tired of these trailers and people not having a plan for parking”

He was an overall jerk. We were willing to pay to park and were wanting to buy gas, ice, and snacks. (His gas is also $3.69 gallon. Way high even for the area)

In full disclosure there were 10 of us and i realize its a large group. But no need to be rude.

Nemo guest ranch let us park there with no issues. (Right across the road)

In short, if this guy doesnt wanna support the utv riders i wont support him. 🙂

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