Apparently there is a new LE version that has many upgrades like Fox Shocks, a “protection package” and winch pre-wiring.

The biggest shocker though is the inclusion of a new I-4wd system with traction control, hill-start assist, and electronic brake-force distribution on the LE. The I4wd has been used on Honda SUV’s for years.

The same company that refuses to put a low range in the 700, or a locker in the 500, is now pushing its flagship more towards the “automated” 4WD that now appears on most street vehicles. I don’t know that any of this is needed, or even wanted on an off road machine, but i guess time will tell.

Fortunately, it seems the lower models still come with “stupid” 4wd that always seems to work best off-road.

IMO, Honda would be better served by trying to get what they make up to snuff before they start throwing gadgets at them.

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