My place of employment has several UTV’s and other off-road vehicles that are used frequently. I am an avid off-roader but most of the guys at work just drive and park.

I went out this past week in our 2012 Ranger 800 and immediately noticed the belt was slipping. No big deal, things happen and we have a spare. However, I also noticed that when getting on the gas it would pull to the right like it was breaking traction. My first thought was to stop and check the axles because I have broken them before on my personal machine.

So, I stopped and went to the rear and noticed the axle doing everything it can to escape the vehicle… I checked the maintenance records and noticed that both rear axles were replaced in April 2017 and the machine has 400 miles on it since then. The machine has a total of 4200 miles on it.

I’ve never seen an axle do this before, can anybody shed some light on what may have caused this? The dealership we use for repairs and such will try to point towards negligence on our part. They usually do. My second question is, do you think the rear diff is finished also? Thanks for the help folks!

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