Tires are ITP Ultracross R in size 30 x 10 x 14. They have about 500 miles on them. Next to Tensor DS tires, these are one of the best desert trail tires. Plenty of reviews out there.

The rims only have 100 miles on them and are nearly perfect. They do not even have scratches on the inside. They are ITP dual beadlocks meaning they have both inner and outer beadlocks. Can run super low pressure with these if desired. Size is 14×7. All center caps are included and in good shape. offset 4+3. bolt pattern 4 x 156.

The rims typically use a spline lug and I can trade you a full set of spline lugs for your set of stock 12mm lugs if you want. I will also include the spline tool.

I have a lot more pics, just shoot me a pm and I can get them to you.

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