I have a Reflex Suspension +8″ kit. It was on my 2017 Turbo XP4 this was only on my Rzr for 6 months has less than 200 miles on it. Will take your stock Rzr from 64″ wide to 72″ the same width as the new can ams and the new Turbo S. It will fit both the 2 seater and 4 seater models from 2016 – 2018 RZR turbos. I have been told it will also bolt up to non-turbos as all mount points are the same.

This kit is complete with all 4 extended axles, tie rods, etc. as a bonus I am also throwing in the trailing arm guards, as well as axles come complete with cv joints already installed saving you a lot of headache (reflex doesn’t include them normally). You will only have to reuse your rear outer cvs, whereas normally you have to reuse them all. My kit comes with the rest already installed on the axles.

This kit strengthens your entire frame while making your Rzr much more stable and keeping stock geometry. Look on the internet of all the videos from Reflex showing what it does to your handling, it is a great kit. I’m only selling because I need the money and am parting out my Rzr.

This kit retails for $2950 plus another $100 for the guards and an additional $260 for the cv joints. Yours for much less $2100 includes shipping. $2000 for local pickup in San Diego.

Ready to bolt up and ride. Message me if interested

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