I am new to this forum (as I didn’t even know that a RZR forum had an ACE section), but I also post in

I work for an OEM helicopter manufacturer as a V-22 Production Test Pilot in Amarillo, TX. I race quads (technically Polaris still qualifies the ACE 900XC as a quad) in numerous series’, but mostly in Best in the Desert. I just started racing my ACE 900XC in BITD this year in the Quad Ironman Class. Here are a couple of links (hope these are allowed here) to my ACE build:

Building a Polaris ACE 900XC Desert Racer…..

Racing the 900XC….

I have found that the aftermarket market is almost nonexistent for the 900XC, so being a DIY’er, I have built a lot of my own stuff or modified some aftermarket stuff. Have a lot more ideas and mods to go and am always on the hunt for more. I am happy to have found another ACE forum that I can bounce info off of. I also am on the Polaris ACE facebook page for those that use fb.

Looking forward to more ideas and fun,


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