Well, decided to put money down on a general 4 2018. I wanted a rig that could check off my unrealistic expectations… I had a big list of items to check off and this rig seemed to be the only thing out there that came close. My friends all think I’m crazy… I keep telling them, no “i just know what I want in a machine”.

– Seat 3 people comfortably
– Decent suspension to handle rough terrain
– a bed that fits an action packer and 2 koplin gun boots
– somewhere to place a cooler, even if it’s small
– half doors are a must
– enough power to tow a meat wagon with a moose up steep terrain
– something that I can add a fully enclosed cab for winter plowing and fall hunting
– trailing arms due to rocky country
– power steering
– ability to take a set of tools at all times
– ability to take a 4 gallon rotopax gas can

I am adding pretty much every option to this thing, but I am pretty sure it’s the right choice. I have been really interested in the general ever since Polaris came out with it, but I wasn’t impressed with their lackluster shocks on the general 4. 2018 they came out with the QS3 type shocks and that sold me.

Planning to be around April of next year by the time I pick it up.

Anyone else purchase the new 2018 G4?

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