I wanted to share some info on brackets that work with the superatv flip up windshield. The brackets are made by OSP and are the 5.6″ version linked here: RZR XP4 1000, XP 1000, 2015-2016 900s XC, XPT Adjustable 5.6? LED Mounting Bracket Kit – one stop performance

These clear the polaris roof and allow the windshield to fully extend! So, you don’t run into issues like you do with other manufacturers brackets. Depending on your lightbar bolt size the clamp holes may need to be enlarged. We used a 5/16″ drill bit for our lightbar. The lightbar we used was a curved double row and 41.3 ” or 1050mm in width. I’d shoot for a lightbar with 41.3-41.75″ width but u may have a little wiggle room. I positioned the lightbar just enough to clear the windshield but you do have room to move it up even more.

I can give a link to the specific lightbar we used if anyone needs this info.

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