Hi All ,Got some seat time in my 2017 4 seat General today .

Suspension ,Do to the longer wheel base 113″ the car handles the desert whoops nicely .12 in. of Ground clearance ,I am running ( 30″tires ) and will be going to 32″s for a little more clearance in the rocks .Walker Evens Shocks give it a plush ride ,I will add a little preload to mine . With 12.25″ of front and 13.2″ of rear suspension travel it handles the desert terrain easily .With sway bars front and rear, it stays planted on the ground even while pushing it through high speed corners .

Power ..Pumping out 100 horsepower lights up the car quick , The 999 cc twin delivers broad max torque throughout its rpm range – 65 ft. lbs. of torque ,It has plenty of power and torque for the size of the car .

HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLOSE RATIO AWD All four wheels engage near instantly when the vehicle needs more forward traction and reverts back to 2WD when it doesn’t, .

I was extremely impressed with the Generals overall handling and ride .Mine will be built out as a Weekend Family Cruiser ,Recovery vehicle,Camping companion. (She’s more than capable of carrying everything i would need when i get those 3 am calls (Hey Frank my friend is stuck 40 miles out in the desert ,Can you help )

It’s also a great Family ride for those new to the sport ,Power is smooth and predictable ,And she will climb just about anything you ask her to .

Some Photos of Today’s ride below

Stay Tuned for the build out on the General 🙂

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