Quite frankly I haven’t had the need to post in here lately because my 800XC has been running great! You know what they say, no one visits a forum until they have an issue. πŸ˜€

Well I’m back and in a different section as a new General owner. The XC is currently up for sale. I have way too much $ in it to just trade it in. As I am sure 99% of you all do also.

I must say the General or ‘G-Money’ as my wife calls it (not a complement) really got me excited to come back in again. This thing rocks!

Granted I know my 800 was the old platform. But I am still blown away by how awesome this thing is. Suspension, seats, 100hp, electronics, tilt bed, 1500# towing just the overall size and comfort compared to my 800 is great!

I know it does not compare to the higher version 1000XP’s. However, I utilized my RZR as a bit of a utility quad around our property- splitting wood, fishing, hunting, carrying yard tools, YETI full of beer…so the tilt bed is a great addition. It’s like the perfect CRUCK (El Camino) SxS. πŸ˜‰

I have a bunch of accessories already order $3000+ which is only a start, I know.

The first night it stayed in the front yard. It was too cold to stand outside so I had to park it near the living room window.
*yes I am aware I still have Xmas lights up…it’s PA!

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