I have a used set of 27 inch roctanes and the hd5 headlocks up for grabs. The front tires are 27x9x14 and the rear are 27x11x14. The front tires probably have around 45% tread and the tears have about 25-30%. One of the front tires leaks down after about a week. One of the rear tires leaks down pretty quick. Not sure if it’s just because of the rock rash or what. One wheel is missing a center cap as well. I bought a new wheel and tire combo and don’t need these anymore. I was going to take the tires off the wheels and I pulled one wheel off and started to loosen the bead lock ring and three of the bead lock bolts broke so I didn’t pursue it any further. I’ve got a price in mind I would like but I’m open to offers.

Things I would trade for: doors, rzr stereos, 1000xp seats, maybe an exhaust, used power steering kit for 900xp, really just about anything worth value. (Anything trading for must be for a 2013 900xp besides the 1k seats)

Reply on here or shoot me a text if you’re interested at 9312735526.

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