I have a complete Dry sump XP 900 motor for sale. We bought a 4 seat XP 900 with a blown motor. The piston rocked sideways which knocked a hole in the cylinder and beat up the head pretty good. I bought a top end for it which included the following…
Two sets of cylinders..
Two pistons with new rings..clips and wrist pins
Cylinder head assembly..cams and parts..
Complete gasket kit

What is left of the motor is everything but the cylinder and piston.
Cases are perfect..
Crank condition is unknown since the piston knocked a hole in the cylinder so condition is unknown..

I would like to sell the complete pile

I will ship it but would rather you come pick it up so you can look and make sure what you are getting..but i will send pics as best as I can..

I also have a primary clutch but the rollers are seized but its all there..

Please take note that this is a dry sump motor..2012. There was a change in late 2012 making it a wet sump motor.

Let me know if you are interested..thanks.

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