I have a 2″ Lift and Heavy Rate Springs from Racer Tech for an XP 4 1000. The kit was run less than 500 miles and it worked great! I had 15″ of ground clearance in the front, with 1/4″ of preload, and 14″ of clearance in the rear. I cleared 32″ Roctanes with ease and the improvement over stock was undeniable!

Also, Racer Tech’s lift does not require removal of any body panels for installation. This kit is $975.00, with shipping. I am only selling because I was talked into upgraded to a $2500.00 setup at a vendor event.

Both of the rear tender springs will be brand new, as Racer Tech is sending me replacements. It turned out that I had been sent a medium rate and a heavy rate tender spring when I got my kit and I didn’t catch it right away.

Andy is making it right though, because Racer Tech is a good company with good products! The first $600.00, plus actual shipping from 81641 gets them!

Here are some pics with the kit installed:

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