Trying to help a friend out by selling his XP. 2011 900 XP
Will post pics soon
Looking to sale or potential part out since 900’s are becoming dinosaurs with all the new stuff out now.
I’ve helped build this car

Full blown Sparks 935 Motor
Port and Polished top end
rods and pistons
new lower end

K and T Turbo with Billet wheel

Pro Armor seats and doors
Rapid primary clutch
Resprung shocks PeP
Douglas Wheels
Blaster Paddles
Have stock cage
It has a cage of 800. Built in Bakersfield. Rear down rails don’t fit so not on car but better than stock

Asking 13k

I know the motor which is just been freshen up, new crank reason was stock was questionable during assembly, has around 10k new.
It was a runner before the 1000 came out. For the right person it would be a great car that can still keep up with bigger hp cars. Always ran on race gas at 12 psi.

Thanks for looking. Located Central California. DM for info

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