Car started out as a 2015 Polaris RZR 1000. Took the car to FABWERX 1 who built a full tube chassis down to pivit points. Chassis is all crowmolly. Car had the Polaris 1000 motor but wanted more power. In April of this year took the car to tom pro design the leader in hayabusa sand cars. Tom pro put 1300cc hayabusa moter and one of his gears boxes that has reverse in it into the chassis. For the front and rear arms are GROUNDED4 plus 3 long travel kit.

List of parts

1300cc hayabusa motor

Tom pro design gear box

Fabwerx full crowmollly chassis and aluminum work

5 crow seat harnesses

Custom radiator with electric fan

5 led lights

Grounded 4 plus 6 fully boxed long travel kit.

930 race prepped cvs

300m axels

Car is built really will fabwerx1 and tom pro did things right. Car is fast and reliable. For more information call or text 9097472441
$$$$ 21500
$$$$. 20000 without the paddles and beedlocks
$$$$$ 16500 without the grounded4 kit

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