This car started as a 2014 XP4 1000. It was converted to a Z1 (Arctic Cat 1056cc factory turbo-charged motor) with HCR Dual Sport Long Travel and a TON more when it was basically new by CEK. CEK had it a few years and really didn’t put many miles on it. I picked it up a few months ago, and have basically rebuilt the whole car since then.

CEK’s build included:

  • Most important: Artic Cat Z1 (1056cc, factory turbocharged) Swap
  • Full Pace Offroad (Biffle’s company) wiring harness
  • Head Studs
  • Evolution Powersports Big Chute Turbo
  • Evolution Powersports Tune (~260 HP on 91)
  • STM Rage 8 Primary and STM Secondary
  • SDR Betsy Cage, Doors & Windshield
  • Baja Designs ARC Lightbar
  • HCR Long Travel w/ boxed, high clearance arms/radius rods & King IBPs
  • Windshield Wiper & Washer
  • Heater
  • On-Board Air
  • Fluidyne Radiator
  • Winch
  • PRP Seats
  • Simpson Belts
  • Rugged Intercom/Car-to-Car
  • MSA M21 Lok Wheels (same as I had on my 1000)
  • 33″ BFG KM2s
  • Dragon Force Racing Steering Wheel w/ Quick-Release
  • Factory UTV full skid plate

To that I’ve added:

  • Protective plates for the fuel tank and voltage regulator – a problem on any RZR, but w/ the long-travel maybe it’s just because you can see them so much easier, they seem really exposed
  • Shock Therapy rear sway bar – I really liked it on my Turbo, and again with a bigger, heavier car w/ lots of travel seemed even more logical to put a bigger sway on it
  • Rugged Radios two person “Big Boss” fresh air pumper w/ variable speed controller – the latest and greatest in fresh air systems, if I like it enough I’ll swap my big car over to it too
  • Complete brand new Z1 swap kit from Hawk Engineering
  • Trans case (just one side that had bad mounting holes)
  • Factory Arctic Cat motor mount
  • Trans Bearing Upgrade
  • Gear Grabber Shifter
  • Balancing and Phasing the Driveshaft
  • SandCraft Carrier Bearing and Collar
  • Brand new, Re-routed Throttle Cable (it was running between the fuel tank and the fuel tank hold-down)
  • Setting up cooling fan to come on w/ T-Stat instead of always on
  • Upgraded Voltage Regulator
  • 3 x Battery Tender 480c LiPo batteries
  • General wiring fix/clean up (get all back-lights working on gauges, get car-to-car working)
  • Amsoil in urrrythang
  • Fresh Plugs (why not?)
  • Swap to RC2 Air-Filter w/ Brace (it still uses an XP1000 style air box)
  • Shock Therapy Sway Bar
  • Thunderhawk Sway Bar Brackets
  • Thunderhawk Voltage Regulator Guard
  • Thunderhawk Fuel Tank Guard
  • 2017-style intake & CVT vent covers (the bed-top ones)
  • 2015+ Glovebox Door/Latch (yes, really)
  • Pawltector Parking Brake
  • Razorback 3.0 Edition Belt Temp Gauge
  • RCV Pro Series II “tip to tip” axles + CVs (over $3k alone)
  • Boost control w/ knob
  • Knock light
  • Timing Trigger Module
  • Tuning (18-40# boost)
  • Flex Fuel Sensor
  • Fuel pump and Injectors for E85
  • Hawk “Stage III” Turbo
  • Wiseco Pistons and Carillo Rods
  • Valve Spring Kit
  • Gaskets/Seals etc.
  • Helix & Weight Kit for the STM clutches to match this power level
  • Freshly rebuilt motor with new rods/pistons and a completely refreshed head
  • Freshly rebuilt trans with bearing upgrade
  • Freshly phased and balanced driveshaft with Sandcraft RCR carrier bearing
  • Completely rebuilt clutches (that were almost new anyway)
  • New ECU/harness
  • 3 new Battery Tender 480c LiPo batteries (yes, 3 batteries all run together)
  • New radiator fan & shroud (
  • 2018 Front End Swap

This RZR has basically been taken down to a frame and built back up. The cooling system was significantly reworked and upgraded as it needs to be for the Z1 in a RZR. All wiring was cleaned up and made absolutely perfect. CEK spared no expense building this thing, but the execution wasn’t 100% (to be clear, CEK absolutely completely stood behind this RZR and made it perfectly right with me – zero hard feelings with CEK). I took it to Darter’s racing who have built dozens of Z1 swapped RZRs (and own a few themselves) and are close with Pace, Hawk etc. to make it right.

You can’t buy better parts or spend more on building a RZR, lol.

On e85 at 38-40 lbs of boost this is good for nearly 400 HP. Yes, 4-0-0 HP in a RZR. And the Z1 motor with the parts I’ve put in it will last like that. The bottom end is all fresh (honed bores, new pistons/rings, new rods, balanced and polished crank) and the head has been fully reworked too. The trans is freshly rebuilt with bearing upgrades. The driveshaft is freshly rebuilt/phased/balanced with a much better carrier bearing. The clutches are basically new, but also rebuilt with all new parts.

However, we had some issues with the Stage III Turbo so we sent it out to be repaired. Right now the RZR has a factory Z1 turbo on it and is tuned for 91 Octane. For full asking price I will have the Stage III reinstalled with E85 tunes for 20-25-30-35-40 psi of boost using the dial-a-boost.

You can find all of my threads here, nothing to hide. I was having some troubles with belt life in Glamis, so we’re still dialing in the clutching. That will be up to the new owner to get right, hence the price that is way, way, WAY less than has been spent on this RZR. To clear: this is not meant for the average RZR driver and is a monster on 40 PSI of boost. It will take some tinkering to get it fully dialed in, but if you want the baddest RZR around, it’s your RZR.

Asking $52,500 obo.


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