Hello – Long time lurker, not much of a poster…I wrote this ad for a Craigslist post, so I am stating all the obvious that you RZR members already know, so forgive me. So here I am :grin

You are looking at my beautiful Razor / RZR 570. It has 1295 miles and 142.2 easy hours.
I bought it used with over 800 miles on it, and it was as new. As far as I can tell, it had NEVER been taken off-road. I have had numerous toys and once they hit the dirt, they never come 100% clean and have stains on the exhaust that “bake on” at the first mud puddle. This RZR had NONE of that.

I bought this for my kids to ride around while I had my Wildcat 1000X. I did a lot of research on these and everyone loves them and their only regrets was not buying one sooner. NOBODY missed their 800’s and found these 570’s practically equal in power and performance on the trails. However, the 570’s get incredible gas mileage, great torque, and are far more maneuverable on the trails than the wider machines. A 50” machine can ride any trail a 4-wheeler can ride, as the larger side-by-sides are too wide for some trails and are banned.

These 570’s are tough, and will basically go on any trail you point it at. Rarely, if ever, have I had to use 4-wheel drive. I don’t thrash my toys, and I work far too hard for my money. I never understood how these guys on You-Tube buy a brand new side-by-side, and then proceed to drown them in a huge puddle, flip them over, and bury them in the mud. Not me. This is probably one of the nicest RZR’s out there, that isn’t brand new.

Top speed is roughly 55 mph, but if you’ve ever rode trails, you know the majority of the time 20 mph is FAST. Over the last 400+ miles I have owned this, I’d say 75% of the time it has been riding around the neighborhood. It has been to Capehart and Prentice Cooper here locally a handful of times total for very easy riding by my kids.

These RZR’s go for roughly $12K+ out-the-door new, and that is stripped down. You wouldn’t want to hit a trail like that. I’ve added the following:
• Hard doors (approx. $400)
• Hard Roof (approx. $300)
• Windshield (approx. $150)
• 4-Point Harnesses with custom welded mounting point (approx. $250)
• New tires, new battery, Hitch with 2” ball, Rear-view mirror, fire extinguisher
• Factory Service manuals on CD and a binder

• I have an extra set of 6-ply Swamp Lite tires and rims that are as new (size 26x9x12 front, and 26x10x12 Rear) . They can be bought for $250 EXTRA (worth $500+).

I am selling this for a very reasonable $6,500. I do not need help selling, and save your low-ball offers for someone else. I have 5 houses, 6 cars, another side-by-side (selling too) a boat and a plane. I also have a business and two kids. What I need is time. I am selling the side-by-sides as we don’t use them that much. It is time for someone else to enjoy it, and enjoy they will.

Sold as-is, but I’ve never let a dollar get in the way of proper maintenance. Needs nothing. I am located 5 minutes off exit #333 on I75 (Walnut Ave.) Cash in person only, or we can conclude at a local bank in Dalton. First to come gets it, and this ad will remain until sold.

Thanks for looking. Call or text me at (706) 463-0494

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