With puncture resistant technology and synthetic aramid fiber added to the sidewalls of our new tires that greatly increase the side wall strength but still keeps the tire light weight and pliable. The new series of T/R/K tires are available in 28”, 32” and the first production made 35” tire specifically designed for a UTV.

Available sizes and specs:

28x10x14-Kevlar (32 lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4″) (855lb)

32x10x14-Kevlar (42lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4″) (1070lb)

32x10x15-Kevlar (40lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4″) (1070lb)

35x10x15-Kevlar (42lbs) (Tread Depth 3/4″) (1070lb)


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