Rockford Fosgate X3-Stage 4 & 5 Kits In Stock!!!!!

Rockford Fosgate RZR Stereo Kit Stage 4 PMX-2 4 Speakers and Subwoofer
Part#: RZR-STAGE-4

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**Reverse the Polarity to Reverse the Phase when Wiring your Subwoofer for +20 db Gain between 80-100 hz.**

The Rockford Fosgate RZR Stage 4 RZR stereo kit provides unbeatable sound quality and easy installation for your RZR XP 1000, RZR XP Turbo or 2015+ RZR 900. This kit includes the Rockford Fosgate PMX-2 digital media receiver, a RZR specific wiring harness and amp mounting plate, 5 speakers, 2 amps, subwoofers, and more.

This 5 speaker setup will give you high quality full range sound with crystal clear highs and the low end bass from the subwoofer. The PMX-2 head unit comes equipped with a 2.7″ screen, Bluetooth, Pandora, USB, Aux, subwoofer control, and AM/FM. A volume control knob essentially works just like the radio in your daily driver. The amp wiring kit comes pre-loomed with the connectors already crimped and is cut to length to reach where it needs to go without having too much excess wire. An amp mounting plate attaches under the dash and clearly shows you where to mount both amps to the frame of your RZR without any drilling required. The speaker pods house 6.5″ speakers and are made of a fiber reinforced composite material that offers better fitment, better sound and easier installation than any other speaker pod on the market. Unlike other glove box subwoofer enclosures, this sub enclosure mounts directly to OEM holes without needing to remove the fender.

This whole system is designed to be installed by you, the customer, instead of requiring professional installation. You should be able to do it in under 2 hours. Rockford Fosgate did the engineering work to get the lengths, sizes, dimensions and tolerances correct. When you combine the features of the head unit, the no cutting required, in dash mounting, easy installation and sound quality, the Rockford Fosgate Stage 4 RZR stereo kit is a perfect solution for high quality, full range sound in your Polaris RZR vehicle.

PMX-2: Compact Digital Media Receiver w/ 2.7″ Color Display
RFRZ-PMX2DK: Installation Kit for Dash
RFRZ-FSE: RZR 6.5″ Front Speaker Enclosure (Pair)
RM1652B: 6.5″ Speaker Black (Pair)
PBR300X4: 300 Watt Speaker Amp
PBR300X1: 300 Watt Subwoofer Amp
RFRZ-FWE: RZR 10″ Front Subwoofer Enclosure
RM110D2B: 10″ Subwoofer Black
RFRZ-K4D: RZR Dual Amp Kit and Mounting Plate
RM1652W-MB: 6.5″ Rear Speaker in Enclosure (Pair)
PM-CL2B: Mounting Clamp for Rear Enclosure
RFRZ-RSW16: RZR Rear Speaker Harness

Fits the following vehicles:
Polaris RZR XP 1000
Polaris RZR XP Turbo
2015+ Polaris RZR 900

The Rockford Fosgate RZR-STAGE4 kit is very easy to install and everything is cut to length and pre-terminated. However, we recommend watching the video below BEFORE you start installation as it will save you significant time and the order in which to install the components.

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