I bought a 2010 RZR 800 with known engine problems and upon tear-down found it spun a rod bearing. Getting ready to order a bunch of parts including an 83mm big bore kit from BP Racing (I think, unless I find something else “better”). I have a few questions that I’ve not been able to find answers too:

1) With crankcase split open and cleaned up, when I place the counter-balance shaft on the bushings and line up the bearing sidewalls with the bushing / case sidewalls there is a large gap at the back end of the shaft and nothing to hold it in place fore and aft. Am I missing something or will this be taken care of when I install the gears outside the case?

2) Do I need to use new head bolts? Always have on cars but manual only says to clean the bolts and bolt holes with special primmer.

3) Manual says use new bolts for Oil Pump Housing, Stator Wire hold down plate, and Camshaft Thrust Plate. Since these are not stretch bolts couldn’t you just clean the old bolts and install with medium Loctite?

4) Are all of the “special tools” and “seal savers” really necessary? The manual lists things like Water Pump Seal Saver, Crankshaft Seal Saver,
Universal Seal Driver Handle, Water Pump Seal Installer, Gear Holder (to hold Counter balance gear while torquing nut). Are there things like sockets that can substitute for some of these?

5) Manual says to use Crankshaft Sealant, Starter Drive Grease, Nyogel Grease and gives Polaris part numbers. Are these products that I can get at AutoZone, etc?

I think that’s if for now, I’m sure some other questions will pop-up though…

Thanks for any assistance.

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