This was done on my XP turbo. With the stock shocks I ran it with the rear sway bar disconnected. It’s seemed to handle just as good, but it articulated better for the slow stuff. Recently I put on shock therapy 3+ Springs, which is four new front springs and rear upper Springs along with crossovers. It made a huge difference and it rides much smoother. But, it had ridiculous body lean with the rear sway bar disconnected. So I hooked it back up and it handles good again. But, it lost the articulation on the rear. So I made up some plates with multiple holes and welded them to the trailing arms, so that you can put the swaybar link farther back towards the shock which makes it stiffer, but you can also put it towards the front of the trailing arm which makes it a softer sway bar. I also welded two pieces of half inch angle iron to the swaybar links to make them stronger. Total cost……zero!!! I’ll be trying it out tonight to see how it works.

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