I wanted to add a fire extinguisher mount to my cage, and just couldn’t bring myself to spend a hundred bucks or more. There were several that were less expensive but I didn’t care for them. So I designed this one, and built it this afternoon. As I was building it, I decided to change a few things as I went, and I believe I’m going to change a few more things one the next version. I had a few buddies stop by this afternoon, and they all want a couple for their machines too. So it looks like I’ll be making some more, and will incorporate the revisions in the next ones I make. The biggest thing I didn’t care for, on most of the ones I saw available, was that they were completely reliant on the pin, for securing the extinguisher. Should that ever fall out, or accidentally get knocked out, the extinguisher falls away from the mount, pretty easily. At least with my design, if the pin does come out for any reason, the extinguisher stays put. Unless you hit a bump hard enough, then it could bounce up off of the male pin.

I’ve taken it back off and painted it since this picture, and I’ll get the right size hose clamps tomorrow.

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