I don’t know if this will be of any value to anyone but I thought it turned out pretty cool for what I wanted so I’ll share.

I wanted a soft top for my RZR, but I couldn’t find anything under like $100 (that I didn’t think was kinda rinky dink looking) I wanted something that I could pop on real quick if it started pouring down rain, but they would fold up and fit in my glove box. Didn’t need to be the fanciest thing ever, and I didn’t want it to be stuck on there. I like riding in the open air when the weather is nice.

I started with a 1 yard piece of kite making material from Amazon. “HENGDA KITE 60″x36″(1 Yard) Upgrades 40D Ripstop Nylon Fabric”…. It’s going for under 10 dollars/yard depending on color. Then I took a trip down to Jo-Ann Fabrics with Mom (Sr project advisor and head sewing tech) and picked up 3 yards of the neon yellow nylon strap that you see hanging off the back of the top. I bought way too much of the 2 inch sew on Velcro. I want to say I used 18 inches on each side (9 per strap), so a yard of that should be enough. A couple of 1 and 1/4 D rings and we headed home.

Basically we took the one inch nylon strap on one end and folded it in the kite material three times. Then we sewed the nylon strap into the kite material, with about a yard hanging out on each side to tie down the back end of the top. The D rings were sold into a loop in those straps about before 5 inches down from the back of the top (you’d have to measure depending on where u want to tie off on your machine). I had originally considered making clips to tie in to the lock and ride points, but decided after more consideration that this tie down system would allow me to adjust to different tie down points, or as the straps / top stretched.

To secure the front, I essentially folded the material over my factory visor and put pins in it to show where I wanted my thread. Then we took the top inside and sewed a line on either side of the factory visor to form a pocket. This has proven enough to keep the front of the top held down securely. The entire thing is modeled after a bikini top if you’ve ever owned a Jeep.

The final step, was taking the top back out to the machine and placing two sections of the velcro strap on each side. The goal here was to put the soft side around the rollcage (to avoid scratching), and sew the tacky side up underneath the top. This, in theory, would keep the top from flapping about at higher speeds. I placed mine about 15 inches apart, with the front strap starting right behind the visor at the front of the roll cage. I imagine you would have some flexibility here, depending on your preferences, accessories, Etc.

I bought entirely too much material for the job, but I would estimate that you could get the top made for roughly $30 to $35 if you only had the materials that you needed.

I’ve used it a couple times now at speeds up to 50 miles an hour and it has held just fine. No flapping and I’ve never felt like it’s in danger of coming off. It folds up into next to nothing, and it does a good job keeping the rain off my head during a flash shower. All in all, I am super happy with it. It ended up about a third the cost of a retail top that fastened similarly, and I was even able to get it kind of custom colored to match my machine.

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