I have the Isota storage box in the bed of my XPT and I love it…..except for the mounting brackets.

The front mounting brackets have to be removed from the box so the box can be removed from the RZR. The brackets attach in front of the roll bar and the roll bar is in the way which makes it a pain to check the air filter or add oil.

I decided to use the lock and ride holes under the front of the box, but they are wider than the box. I came up with a solution…

Not the best aluminum welding I’ve done but you can’t see it when it’s installed and it is nice and secure. The Polaris Lock and Ride lever clamps make it really easy to remove and now I can check my air filter more often.

It was a little painful to cut up a $600 storage box but now that it’s done it is totally worth the effort. I don’t know if the XPT box is different than the other boxes they make but those front brackets were a major flaw.

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