So since i do a lot of hill climbing i decided i wanted a gated shifter but they dont make one for my year of rzr. So i look at pics of others and made my own.
I know all wont have the same tools I have but it is a really simple build, the hardest thing was making a mold and fiber glassing it to stock console( could have been a lot faster if i would have bought sun flash resin but o well) I chose to tig due proximity to fuel tank.

Stuff I used to make it:

cardboard for template
12″x12″ plate stainless steel
plasma cutter to cut stainless steel plate
tig welder with stainless tig rods
fiberglass matt and resin
paint of your choice
I reused the stock shifter cutting it and tigging stainless tabs on it

IMG_1193_zpsebhpnxu4.jpg Photo by joemamma2014 | Photobucket
IMG_1192_zpslbeeid4t.jpg Photo by joemamma2014 | Photobucket
shifter console^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

IMG_1190_zpsyspj6o4y.jpg Photo by joemamma2014 | Photobucket
shifter itself

total cost approx 65.00

feel free to comment or ask questions

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