Hey, i know its early but I got the green light for Rally on the Rocks for 2019. I have a decent amount of time to get myself prepared. I have a few of what i think are the essentials. I have a 2018 XPT-4 and bought high clearance A-Arms, radius rods, Full UHMW skids, winch, im debating high clearance trailing arms. But i have a few more questions.
Im getting rid of the factory bighorns and going with 32X10X15 Pro armor crawlers. Are bead locks a must? Would 34s be to big?
Todd and hunterworks had a post up on facebook saying to run stock clutching with that size tire for crawling. anyone have experience with that?
I used to have a highlifter but have the XPT-4 and i hate my low gear in this turbo, am i going to have belt issues?
Do the venders set up give discounts? or am i better off to just buy what i need before i get down
Sorry for all the questions, Im really excited and this is a bucket list thing for me. Its about 1300miles each way for me coming from Canada so i have to have all my s%*t together.

thanks all

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