Wanted to get opinions on whether the 900 Trail RZR springs will be a good upgrade for my machine. We do mostly slow speed trail riding and the combined rider weight is 500#. Currently, I have a 2″ highlifter kit and 14″ STI wheels with 4+3 offset with Tusk Wartthog tires and 1″ EPI spacers. The spring calculator recommends the standard weight springs. I am looking to get a bit of smoothness when driving over small rocks and dips on the trail. Would like to drive a little faster on that terrain but the rough ride on the suspension causes me to go slower. I have the stock Sachs shocks 1 click from all the way up. Ideally would like to be able to back those off a bit and still not bottom out. I would prefer not to buy full replacement shocks due to the cost. Would there be a benefit for my slow speed riding by switching to the RT Pro springs? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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