Our shelves are stocked up, and we’re ready
to put some product in your hands!

We’re taking a page out of the high school year book
for the next couple weeks, and running an all-out
popularity contest, with BIG CASH PRIZES!

We’re giving out gift cards that will take a healthy dent
out of any of our RZR upgrades, or other great products!

1st Place – $1000 | 2nd Place – $500 | 3rd Place – $250

Here is how to play, and how to win:

1st: Respond to this thread in a single post, with no more
than 3
of your best pics of your RZR in action or posing.
(RESIZE people! we’re adults here, and its not that hard)

2nd: Tell us the love story with your RZR… Who talked you
into buying it, in what ways have you abused it, in what
ways has it abused you… and your wallet, etc.

3rd: Tune in 10 days from this post, and we are going to
launch a week-long poll thread for the ego-boosting,
or self-confidence-destroying lack of votes to roll in šŸ˜‰

The max number on the poll is 35, so if there are more entrants
than that, we’re going to pick who makes the cut, and who has to
surrender their weapon to the judges (FiF!). The judges like a good
story, make my sales office laugh so hard they have to put someone
on hold, and rowdy pictures are worth at least a thousand words.

Finally, and most importantly….
Get your friends to vote for you!
We’re going to be making a couple social media blasts
throughout, so there could be a lot of eyes on your rigs…

Aaaaaaaand Go!

Utah RZR Rentals