The time has now come when you no longer need to settle with only one frequency range. With the new RM50-MB Multi-Band radio, you can now communicate with nearly every style 2-way radio available. This radio combines VHF, UHF, CB, HAM, AM and FM into one single unit, allowing you to talk to anyone you ride with, regardless of what band they are set up for. With extra features like dual watch, you can actually keep in contact with your whole group, even if half of them are running CB and the other half is running VHF. On top of all this, the remote head allows you to mount the radio in vehicles with very limited dash space.

The new Multi-Band antenna we have this radio paired up with is nothing short of awesome. With a very simple panel mount style antenna, which can be adapted to current NMO style mounts, in more ways than one this is truly the most versatile setup we have.

On top of all this, we’re also doing a killer, introductory sale price for the radio, and base kit for this radio!

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