I was at glamis for Presidents’ Day. Rode the whole trip with no issues at all. I woke up Monday morning to load the rzr and when I turned it on the power steering light was on and check engine light. I found these two codes:

0 84 2
1 84 19

I read and found I believe it’s a speed sensor code.

I tried taking the battery neg off for about 5min. When I put back on it now reads the first two codes and now this one:

2 190 2

Someone please help. The machine is in storage with my toyhauler so I am in need of things I can try when I get back to it. has anyone ran into this before?

I read where I could try putting in low and riding for 30-45sec above 4K rpm to reset it then turn off key and I will have power steering back.

any other help is beyond appreciated. thanks for any help.

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