Friend has it and here lately it has been using oil, not sure on the exact amount.
It started a few weeks or @2 months or so. We were out riding and it started knocking, it took almost 2 quarts to get it back to full.

He drove it home and I did a full oil and filter change on it to get non polaris oil out and refilled it with polaris oil.

Probably been 4-500 miles on it since then and it was down almost a quart and a half yesterday.

No visible external leaks at all and the inside of the spark arrestor is clean. Skid plates were spotless too. As was around the oil filter.

Going to pull the plugs next but other than that we are at a loss.

It has never ingested dust or water, he has the dealer do all scheduled maintence on it and has had the recalls done on it.

Anyone else have this issue with the 2015? I did read the thread on the 2013 and 14’s having the oil ring break causing the piston skirt failure so there is that possibility too.

If the plugs look good I guess it will be time for a trip back to the dealer again….

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