Does anyone have any better info on if you can troubleshoot the electronic throttle control on the throttle bodies? The manual just states to use the digital wrench tool. Well that’s fine and dandy but now that I have the AEM infinity ECU on it, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be possible. Maybe I am wrong.

Used to, when turning the key on I could hear the throttle bodies doing a self check/diagnostic. And while modulating the throttle, could hear the throttle body doing things.

I have had a couple issues at random times lately where the throttle would “stick” above ~10% or so. The ECU would throw a DBW error and basically shut the car down. Then two other times, it wouldn’t hardly start and would idle terrible and then just die.

That is what it is doing now and is undeliverable. The throttle does not respond to any input either.

The manual does not state any troubleshooting or anything. At the ETC connector at the throttle body… does anyone know if I should have 12V at any certain pin or any helpful info?

I plan on contacting AEM on Monday to see if they can be any help as well.

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